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By FMAHC, 09/17/21, 9:45AM CDT


There is still time to earn a spot on a roster, and attend all league events. Substitutes get the same drop-in benefits, and are called to fill rosters throughout the season as a reserve. If enough players enter the waitlist each team will be allowed a third line of players


Waitlisted players will be absorbed into the league if a rostered player drops or if 30 players enter the waitlist (so bring your friends). If the waitlist doesn't max-out the players will be called on as substitutions.

During registration you'll be asked if you want to waitlist/substitute or just substitute. Registering for either will give you 4 free drop-in events ($52 value), and will also make you available to substitute in the league.

We have 48 games in a season and expect 1-2 substitutes per game. So for $48 you can reasonably expect to be called on 7-10 times over the course of a season.

If 30 players enter the waitlist/substitution roster before December you'll be drafted to a team and play the full season length.

Requires $100 deposit, but includes the following:

  • 4 drop-in tickets
  • 2 tickets for the pre-season party (food and drink included)
  • 2 tickets for the post-season party (food and drink included)
  • Substitution for absent players
  • Fully entering the league if a player permanently drops or enough players enter the waitlist to create 3 lines per team.