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By FMAHC, 08/09/22, 5:30PM CDT


Interested in how the FMA Hockey draft works?

Player Registration

During registration players can choose to remain on a team from the previous season or enter the draft without restrictions.

Captains can release no more than three returning players from the previous season. This is rarely exercised but allows the captain to adjust their team if there is a big discrepancy in salary cap from year to year.

Player Rankings

Players are ranked on a RELATIVE scale between 1 and 10, where 10 would posses the most skill. Using a relative scale allows for more diversity in the league, without creating impossible disparities in the salary cap.

Salary Caps

After all players in the league have been ranked, we calculate the Salary Cap by adding all player rankings and dividing it by 6. This becomes the upper-bound Salary Cap for use during the draft.

  • Teams are not allowed to exceed the Salary Cap.
  • Each team must have 10 skaters and 1 goalie as part of their team.
  • Team Salary Cap can be penalized for league violations in a previous season.

Draft Order

The draft has 10 rounds total. The last team in the previous season always receives the first-round pick. This year – that’s the Diplomats (4-10-0-1). From here, the team with the least consumed salary cap starts each round, and the team with the most consumed salary cap ends each round.

Teams with fewer “all-stars” or fewer players will typically receive the first attempt to draft the higher ranked players.


Captains can trade players until the draft is completed and equipment orders are registered. Salary cap and roster size rules cannot be violated during trades.