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By FMAHC, 10/06/22, 12:45PM CDT


Players affected by lack of ice, officials, and management in their other Fargo/Moorhead leagues are eligible for discounts to our 2023 Novice League.

We’ve heard from players in our area that other leagues serving the Fargo Moorhead metro are struggling to provide ice, officials, and refunds to players. To help ensure all adult players have an opportunity to play officiated hockey we will be providing discounts to the affected players when they join our 2023 novice season which starts the first week of January.

To be eligible for the discount players must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have signed up as a skater and paid for the 2023 FMAHC Novice Season
  2. Provided a screen shot showing their registration for an impacted league (2022 Spring, Summer, Fall leagues are eligible).
  3. Turn in the jerseys from their impacted league before the 2023 Novice Season starts.

After you’ve registered send an email to with your name, and the screen shot of your former league registration. Once we receive the jersey we’ll process your refund.

If your current/prior league issues only a single jersey the discount is $15. If your prior/current league issues 2 Jerseys you’ll receive a $30 discount, both jerseys must be turned in to receive any discount. You can register for the novice league here:

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us.