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By FMAHC, 01/01/23, 2:00PM CST


League is only 1 week away! Everything you need to know is in this announcement, please read it carefully and in its entirety.


Games are played at Scheels Arena on the main sheet of ice (where the Force play). Enter the arena through the main doors, take the elevator to floor “E”, and there will be a TV in the hallway with your assigned locker room. Females who would like their own locker room can contact me directly and I’ll have one assigned each game day. A few of our games this season will be on the practice sheet and instructions for those days will be shared as they get closer.


Arrive early on the first week to get your Jersey. We’ll be setup in the lobby of Scheels to distribute Jerseys on the first night.

Team/League Makeup. 

I’ve built the teams based on requests to play with friends or family members. If the teams are lopsided we will reshuffle players, but here is some food for thought.

-    If you like your team, but feel ya’ll might be too much of a powerhouse, adjust your play style to give yourselves more challenge.

-    If you like your team, but feel you might be “outgunned”, work with your “captain” to come up with a strategy for improving your team play. I can work with them to help create a plan.

I’ve allowed more skilled/talented players into the league to help guide less seasoned players on the rules of officiated hockey, positioning, and other questions which might arise. These players will be expected to pass the puck and help develop a team play.

If you’re looking for guidance as a player speak with your team captain. If you’re not interested in guidance – that is okay – you can inform your teammates or captain of their preference and that is perfectly fine.


-    Do not argue with officials. You’ll be ejected from the game.
-    Do not fight. You will be removed from the league.
-    No checking, no slapshots, no fake slapshots.
-    Pass the puck, take short shifts, and have fun.
-    Your league issued jersey is required to be on the ice, without it you’ll not be allowed to take the ice. I will NOT have spare jerseys available.


I encourage everyone to invite friends and families to attend and watch. Guests can sit anywhere in the general admission area of the area. Outside food and drink are ALLOWED, but please clean up after yourself, and ABSOLUTELY NO GLASS BOTTLES. Guests are not allowed at ice level, on the bench, or in the penalty box.


We will experiment with open concessions. On those nights outside food and drink are not allowed and we will communicate that to the players.


Please RSVP for games and let your captain know if you will be absent. This way we can ensure there are always goalies and always 10 players on each team. We will not substitute players unless your team will not have a full 10 skater/1 goalie roster.

I’ll be floating around from team to team to help and meet players.

League Feedback.

This is our first novice league program. There will “kinks” which need to be worked out, please be patient, as we iron them out. About mid-way through the season, we’ll invite you all to provide us feedback on your experience so far, and how we can improve for future seasons.

In the meantime if you have questions or issues with the phone app please contact me and I can help out.

Have fun everyone and I'll see you on the ice!