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As a member of our hockey league, it is essential that you uphold the highest standards of sportsmanship, respect, and integrity. The following code of conduct outlines the expectations we have for all players in order to maintain a positive and enjoyable environment for everyone involved. By participating in our league, you agree to abide by the following principles:

  1. Respect for Others:

    • Treat all players, coaches, officials, and spectators with respect and courtesy.

    • Refrain from engaging in verbal abuse, or making derogatory remarks.

    • Respect the decisions of referees and league officials, even if you disagree with them.

  2. Fair Play and Sportsmanship:

    • Play by the rules of the game, and encourage your teammates to do the same.

    • Avoid engaging in unsportsmanlike conduct, including but not limited to trash talking, taunting, or excessive celebrations.

    • Shake hands with opposing players before and after each game as a sign of good sportsmanship.

  3. Safety and Equipment:

    • Prioritize the safety of yourself and others at all times.

    • Wear proper equipment, including a certified helmet, mouthguard, and protective pads.

    • Do not engage in any intentional acts that could cause harm or endanger fellow players.

  4. Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco:

    • Do not consume alcohol or illegal substances before or during games.

    • Refrain from smoking or using any form of tobacco while on the ice or in the team facilities.

  5. Teamwork and Cooperation:

    • Work together with your teammates in a spirit of cooperation and unity.

    • Accept constructive criticism and communicate respectfully with your teammates and coaches.

    • Support and encourage each other, regardless of individual skill levels.

  6. Disciplinary Actions:

    • Accept responsibility for your actions and the consequences they may incur.

    • Comply with any disciplinary actions issued by league officials or team management.

    • Understand that repeated violations of the code of conduct may result in suspension or expulsion from the league.

  7. Respect for Facilities and Property:

    • Treat all facilities and equipment with care and respect.

    • Clean up after yourself and ensure that all belongings are properly stored.

    • Report any damages or maintenance issues to the appropriate personnel.

Remember, as a player in our hockey league, you represent not only yourself but also your team and the sport as a whole. By adhering to this code of conduct, you contribute to a positive and enjoyable hockey experience for everyone involved.

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