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Amateur League Eligibility

  1. Players MUST be 16 years of age at registration.

  2. Players MUST have completed at least one season of officiated hockey before registration.

  3. Players MUST attend a tryout session.

  4. Players MUST be able to agree to all agreements.

  5. Players MUST be in good standing with FMA Hockey LLC.

  6. Games are Sunday or Wednesday (you choose during registration).

Team Practices

  • Every team is allotted practice times

League Draft

  • Pre-draft ranking scrimmages

  • Rank-based salary cap

  • Future franchise affinity

Professional Photography

  • NHL Photographer

  • Photography is made available to players

Customized Equipment

  • Cut & Sew jersey

  • Franchise branded pant-shell

  • Franchise branded socks

Long Games

  • 3x 15-minute stop-time periods

  • 1x 5-minute 3v3 sudden death

  • 1x 3-round shootout

Live Stream w/ Commentary

  • All games are live streamed

  • Live commentary included in games

  • Player stats are collected and shared

  • Past games available on demand

No Check / No Fight

  • No checking

  • No fighting

  • No slapshots

Team Shop

  • Authentic blank jerseys

  • Franchise branded off-ice wear

Full length Season

  • 15 regular season games

  • 2 postseason game potential

Concessions & Spectators

  • Fans encouraged

  • Food & Drink Available for purchase


  • 2 on-ice officials

  • Score keeper

  • Production crew

  • Advisory boards

Due to increased demand we're allowing a limited number of players to join the league and be added to a permanent roster. A majority of these players will be pulled from our waitlist already.

One tryout will be scheduled for all new players.

  • CHL Skater Expansion (4-Month)

    Every month
    CHL: Amateur Player
    Valid for 4 months
  • CHL Skater Expansion

    CHL: Amateur Player
    Valid for one year
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