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All data collected during registration is used to qualify a player for the league, and act as a basis for their league profile and statistics. Beyond league profiles, we also provide a list of first and last names to select sponsorship partners allowing players to redeem discounts and benefits. Outside of this, we do not share player information with any other party.

Pictures and videos created during the league are shared publicly as part of marketing campaigns and the general operation of the league.

Players will have some degree of autonomy over their online profile. The league does not add birthdays, biometric data, educational background, or location (outside of the implied FM area), unless players choose to make this information public. Players can choose to show only their initials instead of their full name. Information on their public profile will also be printed on their hockey card.


The FMAHC logos and the logos of all teams are the exclusive property of Fargo Moorhead Adult Hockey Club LLC and cannot be used without written consent by the President. Creating profiles, pages, online presence, or physical goods with franchise logos is prohibited.

The President can delegate the management of franchise branding to individuals to help market and broaden the reach of the league, but all content must be approved.

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