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Junior Gold Players

After discussions with members of the West Fargo Stampede hockey program, we've agreed to allow a limited number of current and former Junior Gold players into our Divsion 1 program. This will be on a trial basis for this year, but we would like to continue offering this option if the community and players find it valuable.

  • Players must be 16yro or older and have played JG or high school in previous seasons.

  • ​Under 18s will be provided their own locker room.

  • JG players will be split into groups of two while drafting, and drafted as a pair.

  • Players do not need to be affiliated with West Fargo to join.

  • JG players are not allowed to be transported to or from games with other league members (must be a parent/guardian or another JG player).

  • Parents will have limited dibs Sunday Nights

    • Stat Tracking / Penalty Box​

Team Practices

  • Every team is allotted practice times

League Draft

  • Pre-draft ranking scrimmages

  • Rank-based salary cap

  • Future franchise affinity

Professional Photography

  • NHL Photographer

  • Photography is made available to players

Customized Equipment

  • Cut & Sew jersey

  • Franchise branded pant-shell

  • Franchise branded socks

Long Games

  • 3x 15-minute stop-time periods

  • 1x 5-minute 3v3 sudden death

  • 1x 3-round shootout

Live Stream w/ Commentary

  • All games are live streamed

  • Live commentary included in games

  • Player stats are collected and shared

  • Past games available on demand

No Check / No Fight

  • No checking

  • No fighting

  • No slapshots

Team Shop

  • Authentic blank jerseys

  • Franchise branded off-ice wear

Full length Season

  • 15 regular season games

  • 2 postseason game potential

Concessions & Spectators

  • Fans encouraged

  • Food & Drink Available for purchase


  • 2 on-ice officials

  • Score keeper

  • Production crew

  • Advisory boards

2023/2024 Waitlist

​The 2023/2024 roster spots have filled, but join our waitlist. There is still a chance!

  • If a player drops you'll be notified.

  • If enough players join the waitlist we'll add additional tryouts and distribute players evenly across the league.

You're on the Waitlist!
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