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Recreational Hockey League (RHL)

The Recreational Hockey League (RHL) takes the place of the now defunct Fargo Novice Hockey League (NHL). The RHL is skill restricted to players without high-school experience and is designed to be a weekly event for friends to play hockey and connect with other hockey players.

During registration players can request to be on the same team as their friends, and we'll make the best effort to accommodate these requests while balancing teams. 


  • 12 Officiated games

  • 2 Pickup games (post-season)

  • 3x 17-minute runtime periods

  • Games are Sunday nights

  • Participants must be 16 or over

  • No hockey experience required

  • No checking or slapshots

  • Max 13 skaters w/ 1 goalie per team

Required Equipment:

  • Certified Ice Hockey Helmet

  • Ice Hockey Skates

  • Ice Hockey Gloves

  • Hockey Stick

  • Shin Pads

  • Elbow Pads

  • Athletic Cup / Pelvic Protector

Recommended Equipment:

  • Chest pads

  • Breezers (Hockey Pants)

  • Cage or bubble attached to the helmet

  • Cut resistant neck, wrist, and leg protection

  • Mouthguard

Winter 2024 has filled. Join us for fall league or summer pickup games!

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